Organizational Culture:

The first word we would like to use to describe our culture is ‘SYNERGY’.  Every individual of Activist is a part of the same body. If the strategic  planners are the brain, brand management is the face, operations are the  hands, finance/accounts are the legs and the creative department is the  heart itself. We run to work the whole body together and create the never  ending ‘SYNERGY’ that delivers excellence. We don’t say we are a team; we  are in fact a family of ad freaks.

The next thing is the value that we believe in. The most important value we  hold is, our clients can be always assured that we are “100% REAL”. Yes,  there is no space for copied or fake ideas in our premises. Consequently, we  value the open- mindedness by accepting & respecting whoever wants to be heard. The ethical tagline is, ‘EVERYONE MATTERS’..

  • 01


    Brand Activation, Specialized Activations, Caravan, Shopping Mall, Educational Institutions, Bus-Train Station- Social Campaigns

  • 02


    All sorts of Corporate Events, Internal Events, Brand Launching Events, Thematic Event, Conference, Fair, Exhibition, Cultural Program

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    Print Media

    Press Ad, Magazine Ad, Typographical ad, Visual ad, Advertorials, Supplement ad, Brochures, Flyers, Booklet

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    Television, Radio/FM, Outdoor/ Ambient, PR (Public Relations), Digital Media, Designs  

Our Services:

ØMarket Research: Both qualitative and quantitative research          designs to understand the consumers better than the        corporate perception and  provide with the useful consumer insights

ØProduct Development: We help you develop new products by the  reconciliation of the organization’s unique resources with the existing  market gap.


ØHR Strategy:
We don’t see HR as HR, rather we call it internal marketing  communication and since we call it communication, we make strategies  that can be seen as best practice yet not exceed the best fit of the  organization.
ØStrategic Planning: Segmentation,
and positioning by giving  direction towards what needs to be done, to whom it needs to be  done, where & when it should be done
and how it should be
Also formulating the post campaign KPI strategies like PIMS (profit  impact of marketing strategy)
ØMedia Planning & Buying: Exact and efficient media selection
reflect the brand in every possible way to the prospect.
ØMarketing Plan: SMART (Specific,
Time framed)
ØBusiness  Strategy:  Diagnosis  of the present positioning, giving long-term strategic instruction by Which the core competencies and the existing resources can be systematically utilized to create competitive advantage.
Roll-out of corporate and product brand from  inception through to delivery to market place including pre and post research.
ØMedia Marketing Intelligence:
It’s not only our database or access to  worldwide brand insights, but also the analytics which makes big data  easier to understand.
ØAnnual Report: Working hand-in-hand with clients not just to make the  designs of the annual reports but also directing it to a path which  strengthens investor’s relations.
ØAudio Visuals Making.

Khaledur Rahman Jewel

Managing Director

Mahmud Hasan Sohag

Chief Executive Officer

Sarfaraj Alam Chowdhury

Chief Operation Officer

Showkat Mithun

Assistant Manager, Brand Management


Manager, Strategic Planning

Md.Tawhidul Alam

Sr. Manager, Accounts & Finance

Atiqul Islam

Sr. Graphic Designer

Tanvir Hossain Pranto

Sr. Executive, Operation

Tasnuva Tanjim

Executive, Brand Management

Tofazzal Hossain

Executive, Accounts & Finance